Monday, April 10, 2006


Here is what is bugging me today.  If anyone can give me good answers I would love to hear them! 
Melaleuca makes some awesome products.  I love their products and I don't understand why aren't shouting from the rooftops how great they are. 
Instead they have a lot of different teams and these teams advertise everywhere.  You can't visit a wah message board without seeing a thousand advertisements from these teams. 
Here is the catch.  The team members will NOT tell you right up front what company they represent.  You cannot find out this information unless you agree to take a personal phone call.  At one point I agreed to the personal phone call and still couldn't get the lady to tell me what company she was with until I was willing to listen to another conference call.  It just seems very weird to me and I don't like these kinds of business practices.  
Is there anyone who can tell me why they do it this way?  Not just the answer  "we aren't allowed to" but the real reason behind WHY they aren't allowed to disclose the company?
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Soulfull said...

Wow, I am not sure why they do that, but I guess its because they wanna really reel you in.. LOL! I just started working with one of the teams and so far, I haven't had any bad experiences... Nice blog

Sue Ellen Dennison said...

I am not on a team. I am a customer who has enrolled a few friends. I have always told them the name of the company when I invited them to a presentation. I am into wellness and so are my friends who enrolled...I have an informational blog and tons more info saved on my computer at home about the products and reasons why they are so good plus how the products have help many many people to be healthier.