Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Finding Your Niche

Finding your niche is crucial to your success.  Anyone can throw up a website or a blog and HOPE to make some money but if you don't have a niche it just won't work.
You need to offer something that people want.  Recently a lot of blogging communities popped up where everyone could write and use their adsense accounts and make money.  What I saw was a lot of people writing about everything and everyone.  These were the same people who complained often that they had been at it 6 months or so and still hadn't made a dime.  They were having fun though and that is pretty important. 
At the same time I saw people putting up blogs on how to blog, blogs on petcare and childcare, blogs on parenting and motorcycles and they all said they were making money.   Do you see the difference?  The people making money had found a niche.  Something they were happy to talk about daily and providing useful information that other people were looking for.
That is all it takes!  Of course with a blog you have to write daily.  With a website you also need a niche, something to focus on and draw people in.  You can't just set up a website with a picture of your new puppy, give a little information on him and put up some advertising and expect to make money.  It must be an area that people want to read about or learn about. 
Give it some thought.  Think about what you really enjoy or something that you are very knowledgeable about.  Is it something you can teach or share?  If so, you have found your niche!
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