Friday, April 21, 2006


I am looking around my desk right now and I see a stack of magazines I haven't had time to read, a bunch of mail that I haven't had time to go through and a ton of little notes and free stuff that haven't been sorted yet.  I tried to pay the bills today and I can't even find electric bill.
The kitchen table is cluttered, the floor needs vaccumed and there are at least 5 loads of laundry waiting to be done. 
Yes, part of it is the fact that it has been a really tough 6 weeks around here and some things have just been neglected but mostly it is just that I can always find better things to do. 
Just wondering, if you are a work at home parent what does your desk look like?  Is it cluttered or are you very organized and neat and tidy?  Share with us!
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Ashley said...

LOL Connie, you are not the only one. Although I'm not a work at home mom, b/c I don't have kids. hehe. But the desk that has our main computer on is a mess. See my hubby used to work from home and when he got laid off and everything we got to keep all the supples. So I've bascailly inherited all of his mess. I too have unpaid bills sitting right in front of the computer. If I don't leave them there I"ll forget to pay them. Although in my case a lot of the stuff in here is my hubby's. Therefore, I don't know what to do with it since it's not mine. This is really sad, there has been this beer bottle sitting next to the computer for about 2 months now. I don't know what I haven't put it in the trash. I've kind of come accustom it it sitting there. hehehe.

Connie said...

LOL.. You must post a picture of the beer bottle for us! It can be our mascot or something..
Sounds like we are a lot alike. I will also forget to pay the bills if they aren't right in front of my face and right now I have seen and know that on my husbands side of the couch there are 3 empty pop cans. WHY didn't I just pick them up when I first saw them?