Thursday, April 06, 2006

Get paid to drive your car

You can find companies that will pay you to drive your car or give you a car and pay you to drive it as well. 
The catch is that you have to put their advertising on your car or drive a car that already has their advertising on it. 
You have probably seen some of these cars in your area.  I have seen cars for Sea World, Red Bull, and a couple of other funny looking ones. 
The trick to getting to do this is that you need to drive a great deal everyday and in an area where lots of people will see the advertising. 
If you are driving on country roads back and forth to work a few miles everyday you probably are not a good candidate for this type of job. 
If you commute a couple of hundred miles everday between two major cities on jam packed roads this might be a good way to make some extra money for you. 
If this sounds like something for you and you want a funny looking car to drive around you can go to:
There is a list of companies that look for drivers.  Just fill out the application and hope you get picked!
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